Hike launches new app

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Image result for Messaging app Hike wants you to type less with its new sticker-based chat

It is said that, Hike the homegrown messaging application platform plans to change the way friends communicate with each other over chats and reduce the use of the keyboard. And so the company has decided to launch a new app known as Hike Sticker Chat.

This new app comes with 30,000 pre-loaded language stickers such as English and more than 40 Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, etc. Out of 30,000 stickers currently available, 10,000 are ‘neutral to English’ which means it either doesn’t have text or it’s in English, another 10,000 are in local languages with their respective scripts, and the rest are in local languages but in English script.

According to the Founder-CEO (Kavin Bharti Mittal), Hike Sticker Chat has already been adding 50,000 users per day. The company is also working on user-generated stickers (UGS) in order to give a more personalized user experience, which it hopes to roll out before the year ends.


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