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Kanika Chauhan

I am an Indian blogger and a Journalist…
Life is a soul-searching journey its my thinking, everyday I learn something new. I am completely unpredictable girl.
Open communication and freedom of expression is important to me. I love to talk about anything and everything—love, Food, stars, flowers, drama, whats happening in the country.
Through this blog, I spread knowledge to all of you. This blog is also a feeble attempt to pen few of the thousand thoughts that come to my mind everytime & everyday.
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Jet Airways shut down temporarily

Jet Airways has announced it is temporarily shutting down all operations after it failed to secure emergency funding from its lenders. Once India’s largest full-service carrier, Jet Airways owes money to leasing firms, oil companies and employees, over and above its bank borrowings of over ₹8,000 crore. A […]