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Drones used for checking waste dumping sites

If the results are encouraging then all the industrial areas would be monitored with drones in the future.


Zomato soon delivers through acquired drones

Neighbourhood Technology Desk/Avi Arya:  On Wednesday, Zomato announced that its acquired Lucknow-based startup TechEagle Innovations, for an undisclosed amount. Zomato said that this will carve a path toward drone-based food delivery in India. TechEagle Innovations is a Lucknow-based startup works exclusively on drones. Zomato said that these will […]

Flying drones in India just got easier

Neighbourhood Technology Desk/Avi Arya: This coming December being able to fly drones in India is said to be much easier or at least that’s what the new drone policy suggests. Drones may have been deployed by photographer’s and commercial enterprises. Unfortunately there was always a lack of clarity around them since in […]